Martin Duran – Overwhelming (incl. Federico Giust, Hansi Ruting & Martin Domenack Remixes)

Martin Duran makes his debut on Quimika Records with his first release of his career. This shows from the beginning a very professional studio work, which had as a result a very hypnotic, deep, minimalistic and techno track. This EP comes as a great package with remixes by Martin Domenack, Hansi Ruting and label head Federico Giust.  Giving you a bit for every ear.The original mix, has a bit of hypnotic, deep, minimalistic and techno vibe on it. With a simple but effective stab and vocals to get the people on the right mood.Martin Domenack keeps the deep vibe, giving the track a more minimalistic flavor. The vocals come and go and turn inside your head on this version. Good for warm ups or afterhours.Federico Giust gives the original a more tech house feeling. With deep strong basslines to drive you slowly to the right place. Great on warm ups or after hours.Hansi Ruting shows what he is capable of by giving stronger beats and basslines to the track. Filled with fx and a nice groove work well on main hour sets as well as warm ups.


Little Mountain (Sander Kleinenberg) Thanks! Downloading for Sander Kleinenberg.
Gabriel Rocha aka DJ PP (Deported/Toolroom ) downloading for Gabriel Rocha aka DJ PP
Dj Samer (Spundae, Jetlag, frisky, Pangea, Source of Gravity ) Federico
Lee Pennington (riffraff/Zoo Project) Really like the Federico Giust remix and Hansi’s mix
G-Pal (Swift Records) Very nice release. thank you
James Benitez federico giust remix sounds nice ,-)
Dubfire (Sci+Tec) Downloading for Dubfire. Thanks
Logiztik Sounds (Maktub, emFire, GU) downloading for Logiztik Sounds
Abyss ( Giuseppe Morabito ) (Buzzin’Fly, Tea Boy Music) GO WITH FEDERICO RMX!
Aldrin (OneWithMusic, Zouk) Guist remix is a useful dubby tool
Gabriel Marchisio (Cancun Records /MOS/Pacha) nice work, thanks
Dan Tait (Pacha, DJsounds Show, Sonica) Giust is the one (as always!)
Dibby Dougherty (Yello – Bedrock) Hansi mix is interesting, thank you
Catastrophic (Tunnel FM) Giust Remix is the one for me! Thanks a lot for sending 😉
Ryan Luciano (Divert/Light/Stripped) Federicos mix is my pick here Thanks! RL
dj fabricio pecanha down tks!